Hey everyone!

Recently I had the opportunity to go skiing in one of (or THE) biggest ski resorts in Norway. It was incredible and the weather was to die for. Sunny blue skies and freezing. Occasionally I felt my face freezing or turning into little ice crystals. I had an amazing time and learned so much about skiing and doing tricks. I went off my first big jumps in the parks and learned a couple simple grabs (tricks where you grab your skis). It was absolutely a fantastic three days. I made a video using my friend’s and my GoPro videos.

I didn’t include what went down in the evenings, but basically, the music class prepared songs and a teacher would have a little thought of the day talk. It was very cozy with the whole school there and enjoying it.

I am blessed!


P.S. In the video I’m wearing white pants and a blue jacket. I have a camera on my head.

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One thought on “Hemsedal

  1. mickey roper

    What a great experience. Susan and I loved watching all of this! You will never forget this time in Norway. Not many people are so blest!. Love Papa and Gran

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