The beauty is in the details

Do you ever find yourself wondering about what’s going to happen in the future? 

Probably not. I know you don’t do that.. 

HA. Right. 

Everyone does it. At least a little bit. 

You find yourself thinking about the big picture things. Those things that every little choice in your life seems to affect. They’re different for different people, of course. I find myself thinking about things like: “How am I going to do in college?” “Who will I marry?” “Will I have kids or travel around the world for the rest of my life?” (I want to do both). “Where will I live after Belmont?” “Will I be well-off or struggling to afford my bills?” Things that I really don’t need to be worrying about. These are HUGE things. 

All I need to do is take it step by step. 

First step: finish your freakin’ job resume! 

Second step: apply for jobs, talk to God, and wait

Third step: stop planning steps. God’s got your back! 

If I can continue to see the beauty in small things in my daily life, I will be much happier. I will be happier if I think about how AMAZING the weather has been in the last few days rather than “when will I hear from jobs I applied for?”. 

I’m happy thinking about the fact that I have a very nice dorm room with an awesome group of girls as neighbors.

I’m happy when I think of the amazing friendships I have made in the last year. I love the people here. Even the ones I’m not close to, they are all so fun and nice. It’s refreshing. 

I’m happy when I think of how God has helped work out every big and small thing in my life. I’m healthy, I got into my first choice school, got the coolest roommate, had a blast this last year (that’s an understatement).. have an amazing family looking out for me, have been able to travel to Ireland, England, Oslo, AFRICA, and many other places. 

 I don’t really have the words to explain how all the beautiful details in my life just make my days so much fun. 

With only five weeks left of school here in Norway.. I can’t help wondering if I’ll ever come back.. I hope I do.. Even just to revisit the memories I’ve made here. 

Sometimes I forget that I’ll probably have the option to dance through the pearly gates in heaven. And you know what? I’m gonna dance. I’m gonna dance like crazy for all that I’ve had and experienced. Meanwhile, since I’m not going to heaven any time soon (I hope), I’m gonna have a marathon of fun (and dancing) before I leave this amazing place and these amazing people. 


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One thought on “The beauty is in the details

  1. mickey roper

    You truly have been blessed with a wonderful experience and background to know a lot about life and God. I pray you use what you have learned and continue to appreciate what your parents and others have done for you. You have a beautiful opportunity to do most thinks you want to do. Keep up the good work and continue to pray. BE THANKFUL. Love Papa

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