“Talents are different from skills, in that they tend to be innate(always there) rather than learned. Once found, they can be nurtured and developed, but finding them can be tricky. It’s partly a process of self-observation and honesty. The rest is learning and practice.
Talents can come in many varieties. They may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, inwardly or outwardly directed. They need not be profitable, useful, or conventional, but they will always be your own, part of what makes you, you.” 

-Chad Eastham 

He is one of my favorite writers of all time. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s written insanely popular AMAZING books like J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis or Tolkien. He’s written only a few medium sized books aimed towards teenagers and young adults. The books (at least the two I’ve read) have helped me not to take high school and dating so seriously. I learned how to think realistically and not become easily infatuated with boys.. for the most part. Of course, it still happened. But I learned how to realize when I’m doing it and when I need to stop. I learned about how different guys and girls are in the way they think, act and speak. I learned a lot about myself. 

Anyway, I follow him on Facebook and he posted this quote (above) a while back… I really like it, and keep it on a post it note on my computer. 

The reason why is because, I’ve found that I like a LOT of things… if you know me, you know that my interests vary from languages to volleyball to ukulele to photography to kayaking to traveling to reading to international relations to writing to drawing to scuba diving.. and it goes on. and on.. I love to try new things and to find things to do wherever I am. 

It took me a long time to find that I liked even those things more than some others.. I got discouraged several times because I felt like I couldn’t sit down and practice these things enough to get good at them or I couldn’t stick with one thing long enough to call it “my thing”. 

I got discouraged because I had to be honest with myself: “You’re not going to be a singer or a super talented musician. You can play ukulele, guitar and piano a LITTLE bit..but, don’t get your hopes up”. “You’re not going to be a professional climber or kayaker. It can be a hobby, but don’t get your hopes up” “You’re not going to be a pro artist, volleyball player, scuba diver.”

But this sort of harsh honesty has helped me enjoy the things I like and the things I do so much more. My talent is enjoying the things I do, no matter how good I am at doing them, no matter if I will be able to do it for profit or just for fun. I LOVE, with all of my heart, to try new things and improve at them while I can. And now, I have no problem moving on, leaving the other thing behind and trying something new. It makes me happy. 

Also, it’s likely I will come back to the things I left behind at some point in my life. 

Thank you, God for blessing me with the talent to enjoy. 

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