Aksjonsuke/Winning the Lottery

From Tuesday April 16th- Saturday the 20th our school participated in something called Action Week. It was good timing to have a fundraising week I think.. and I am pretty sure our Global Connection class/teachers are the ones who started this years ago. It’s brilliant.

Basically, we are supporting three organizations (two in Kenya and one in Ecuador) which aim to support children living in slums and on the streets with means of education, sports and just a generally positive living environment. The week before last, we separated and walked throughout the neighborhoods in Stavern and Larvik, putting flyers in post boxes which advertised our services. We stated we could do any sort of inside or outside house work and in return only ask that they donate to our “pool of money” for these three organizations. 
We got a LOT of calls asking for painting jobs, yard work, dog walking etc. We also walked around later and asked if they were willing to donate (if they hadn’t already). I was surprised at how much we made just doing that. Sindre and I walked together and collected 1,400 kr.

I was with five other people from my course assigned to helping Jostein (one of our teachers) paint every single room in his new house. We worked about 7 hours every day all week and finished Friday! It was tough and tiring, but it felt SO good to be a part of this week. We worked our butts off not only for ourselves, but for people who need it more. It felt incredible.Image

Also, we had a sponsor run, during which I raised about 3,000 kr ($500). Thanks to all of you who helped : ) That was a big accomplishment for me, because I despise running. Image

I represented my country while running. Yes. 

One of the reasons it was such good timing because last week I was really down for a couple days, just hearing about what has happened in Boston and Texas and to people that I know and people close to them. I just needed a boost of faith that humanity still exists in the world and that THE GOOD PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS OUTNUMBER THE BAD. 

It was a HUGE energizer (mentally) to raise….wait for it……over One hundred and TWENTY THOUSAND Norwegian Kroner. That is over Twenty and a half THOUSAND U.S. Dollars. Just from our school of 100 students and 30 teachers. We have made a difference in the world and it FEELS GOOD. 

Also. Here comes the even more amazing part of the week. 

We had a market with things to sell (all the money of course goes to charity) and people from Stavern came and bought stuff and we had games and things. 

We also had a lottery. There were little prizes.. but the grand prize was to win a 10,000 trip to one of the countries where misjonsalliansen (missions alliance) works. They are one of the organizations we support. The places you can choose from, if you win, are China, Taiwan, The Phillippines, Liberia, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, Ecuador, Bolivia or Brazil. 

They pay for the plane ticket to and from, and you get to work with the organization while you’re there. 


I bought ten tickets and ONE of them got picked! 

I now have to opportunity to choose a country and go there! Whenever I want for however long I want!!! 

I feel so blessed. I can’t believe this has happened, even after all the amazing places I’ve gotten to travel to the last four years.. I actually am getting a trip paid for! 

It’s incredible. 

I have yet to choose where to go, but I’m gonna wait and do some research. 


But goodness. 

Thank you Jesus! 

It has been an amazing week!

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