Tonight we had our “Linjeavsluttning”  (course ending get-together)

We shared videos, photos and basically had an incredible time laughing and smiling together. At least that’s how I felt and I hope I’m speaking for the others. The (three) guys in our class of 16 people prepared a funny, yet sweet speech for us girls. We did the same for them and the teachers had some sweet comments to us. We grilled chicken, made hot dogs, ate potato salad, made fun of each other…

Jeg kommer til å savner H2O. 😥

(I’m going to miss H2O)

As sad as I am that things are coming to a close very soon… It’s unbelievable how great everything was. It makes the leaving and the sadness, not so intense.

I have made some amazing friends and literally had the best year of my life.

Not gonna lie.. it’s been hard. It took a long time for me to come out of my shell and looking back, these are some people that helped me do that. Without them, I could not have managed. For sure.

Frida- The first person to let me follow her around until I got comfortable with where everything was, and how it worked. Also, one of the best at speaking Norwegian to me from the very first day. Couldn’t have done it without her.

Iluta- My fellow International (Latvian) (knowing almost zero Norwegian from the start, like I did). We struggled together, and I’ve really realized how much I’ll miss her next year. She’s so kind and easy to get along with. It was a pleasure getting to know her 🙂

Silje- The other American! She and I are from the same background in a way so it was very easy to get along with her from the beginning. Plus she’s such a sweet, kind-hearted, hilarious, adventurous soul. She’s inspiring. The way she is up for anything can always cheer you up. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks and thinks about other people’s needs before her own constantly. She is unique in a way that I admire. So glad we’ll be in the same area next year, cause I’d miss this girl tooooo much.

Alex- The one who came to my window all the time to try and get me to leave my room and be involved. The translator (a fantastic one- I might add). The friend. He was there for me when I needed him, yet allowed me enough space to learn on my own, which eventually I did. I honestly think I would have left Fredtun early on, if he hadn’t been here. He’s great.

Anne- The one person I can say honestly reminds me of me. I hope she doesn’t get offended by this. Haha But we think so similarly. When I first saw her, someone said out loud “you should meet Anne etc. etc.” And little did I know, we were both thinking the same thing when we heard that: “No, no no. no. No. No. So awkward. Don’t wanna meet random person.. ah” Luckily, we both got out of that introduction and were later able to laugh about it and realize that we could be good friends. I would call her one of my besties, and someone I can trust to know what I’m thinking or feeling without me having to say it. She is honest and absolutely made sure I stopped taking naps. Good job Anne. Dude. Man.

Daniel- ENGLISH. Thank you Daniel for speaking English 1) so well and 2) so often. The first meeting in our classroom my teacher Daniel said to me “I will speak a lot of English now, but it will start to become less and less until at the end of the year I won’t speak any. Only Norwegian”  To this day, he doesn’t speak English when instructing our class or giving us information. I’m proud. Thanks Daniel for that smooth transition and perfect class atmosphere/norwenglish balance.

My family most importantly. You guys continually supported me throughout this challenging experience. Without that, I would not have even tried it. I would have quit before I even started. Thank you for that.

Mr. and Mrs. Hogarth- My second parents. While my parents could talk to me via phone, you guys were here to drive me places, transport my baggage, mail me candy (the best part) and check up on me at exactly the right times. It was almost like having my real parents back in Norway. Thank you so much.

Everyone who chose not only to just speak Norwegian to me (whether it was because they didn’t know English or not, I don’t care), but to also understand my horrible grammar and pronunciation without making fun of me. It makes a difference. And despite the fact that I like being joked with/about, learning another language is one of my few insecurities, so it means a lot to me when people can listen to me and act like I’m speaking completely normal, well-pronounced Norwegian (even though I’m not at all).

There are others (almost everyone) who helped in a small way or two all year long, whether it was just saying “Hi”, laughing at my stupid jokes, helping me understand (translating is hard- so A HUGE THANK YOU to those who have done it all year long even a little bit). Giving me a small motivating push in some way. I can’t thank you all enough.

It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun.


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