Starting a new blog!

Hey friends. So, while I was in Norway discovering myself and whatnot, I had this blog mainly to vent about the culture I was experiencing and how amazing/challenging everything was.. But I stopped writing here when I moved back to America, thinking “oh, there won’t be anything to write about. Nothing’s goin’ on”.. well. I was wrong.
Being back in America, being in college and being in a big city… has been even more challenging than my experience in Norway. It may not be surprising to some of you, but it was definitely surprising to me.  SO…I will be starting a new blog that will encompass some of the things I’ve been experiencing, thoughts, feelings, hopes.. etc. and hopefully, you guys will be thoroughly entertained/interested or whatever.
I definitely am going through some transitions with my relationship with God and who I want to be…Things I want to do. So I’d love to vent.. You can read or not, but be on the look out for a new blog website to be posted here soon!

Love you all. Meanwhile, here is one great thing I’ve done lately: Image
Rock climbed and sat on a cliff. I’m looking forward to improving my climbing skills by being a part of BROC (Belmont Rock Outing Club) and I’m so thankful for all who are a part of BROC. It’s made my first semester at Belmont quite amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Starting a new blog!

  1. Michael Howard

    Love you, precious daughter!

  2. You’re so amazing. I can’t wait to read your new posts 🙂

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